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The document sharing scene is in a consistent condition of strife. Downpour destinations travel every which way, and just a couple ever figure out how to pull in a sizeable after of clients. ExtraTorrent was one such downpour site. Be that as it may, the first form of ExtraTorrent is never again open, a lot to the failure of its fans. What ExtraTorrent fans are left with are a few reflections of the first site just as numerous other downpour locales that have a great part of a similar substance as ExtraTorrent did.

ExtraTorrent Mirror Sites

In case you’re curious about the idea of a mirror site, let us disclose it to you. A mirror site is basically a duplicate that looks, feels, and works simply like the first site yet is facilitated on a totally extraordinary server and regularly overseen by individuals who have next to no to do with the group behind the first site.

Since the first form of extratorrents proxy is never again accessible, all ExtraTorrent intermediaries indicating it don’t work. All we’re left with are ExtraTorrent reflect locales.

Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives

To numerous deluge clients, ExtraTorrent was the main downpour site that made a difference. In any case, it was never the main downpour website on the web, nor the most well known one.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the most seasoned downpour destinations on the web, and it has helped out record partaking as a rule than some other website there is. Its authors have been taking up arms with the law requirement and copyright guard dogs for a considerable length of time, and some have even wound up in jail.

Despite the fact that most Hollywood studios might want to see The Pirate Bay vanish from the substance of this planet, the webpage has stayed online right up ’til today, facilitating incalculable deluges having a place with a wide range of classes. The Pirate Bay is accessible in 35 dialects, and the site is additionally open by means of Proxy.


RARBG is a famous downpour site with most recent motion pictures and TV appears. Dissimilar to numerous other downpour locales, RARBG is efficient and has a spotless format. Every downpour facilitated on RARBG highlights a concise portrayal, spread craftsmanship, screen captures, and other pertinent data. Motion pictures and TV indicates are frequently accessible in a few unique goals and bitrates—from SD as far as possible up to uncompressed 1080p Blu-beam tears.

Other than films and TV appears, RARBG likewise has classes for recreations, programming, music, and grown-up substance. The RARBG people group is tight-weave, and the tracker itself is by all accounts overseen by experienced administrators who realize how to serve the necessities of the document sharing network.


LimeTorrents is a broadly useful downpour site that is by all accounts developing and advancing regardless of the current dormant nature of the record sharing scene. As of late, LimeTorrents presented an improved landing page, highlighting a smooth structure with extensive catches for prevalent classes and a pursuit bar that is for all intents and purposes difficult to miss.

Tragically, the remainder of LimeTorrents isn’t so well-planned as the landing page, however you shouldn’t let that prevent you from getting a charge out of the site. All things considered, what makes a difference most is the substance, and LimeTorrents doesn’t frustrate in such manner, offering everything from motion pictures to TV shows to music to amusements to applications to anime.


1337x is seemingly the most polished downpour site at this moment, and it’s presumably how individuals who are curious about record sharing envision all deluge destinations to resemble. Regardless of the cutting edge structure of its landing page, 1337x has been around since 2007, serving new substance to endless deluge clients from around the globe.


Zooqle is rapidly developing as a well known option to extratorrent proxy and other extensive downpour destinations. Right now, you can discover over 3.5 million deluges on Zooqle, with more than 1,000 downpours being included each day. It’s sheltered to state that Zooqle’s cutting edge structure and amazing usefulness have a ton to do with the developing fame of the site.

Directly on the landing page, you can perceive what the most seeded downpours are, scan for deluges by name, or peruse recently included downpours. Zooqle is accessible in English and Russian, and we anticipate that more dialects should be included as time goes.


Torrentz2 is a metasearch motor that utilizes a few other downpour destinations to gather query items. Since Torrentz2 doesn’t really store any downpour records, the site has figured out how to stay away from the consideration of the law authorization and copyright guard dogs. Torrentz2 as a matter of fact doesn’t feel as comfortable as a portion of the other downpour locales highlighted in this article, however it generally figures out how to locate the best deluge accessible.


YTS is a successor to YIFY Torrents. Much the same as its antecedent, YTS.ag is a wellspring of fantastic motion pictures that don’t set aside a long effort to download on account of their brilliant enhancement. Despite the fact that YTS.ag looks and feels simply like YIFY Torrents, the site is controlled by various individuals.

Are ExtraTorrent Mirror Sites Safe?

The first ExtraTorrent shut down for good on May 17, 2017 with the accompanying message: “ExtraTorrent with all mirrors goes disconnected. We for all time delete all information. Avoid counterfeit ExtraTorrent sites and clones. Thx to all ET supporters and deluge network. ET was a spot to be… .”

In spite of the notice, numerous previous ExtraTorrent clients rushed to ExtraTorrent reflect locales when they showed up. One such mirror website was ExtraTorrent.ag, which even figured out how to end up a standout amongst the most famous downpour destinations on the web, with an Alexa rank of around 2,200.

While ExtraTorrent.ag is never again open, numerous other ExtraTorrent reflect locales still are, including the five recorded previously. The issue is that not all ExtraTorrent reflect locales are protected. Some host malevolent promoting and cryptographic money mining contents, others attempt to persuade their clients to download unsafe programming, regardless others gather delicate data about their clients and use it for vindictive purposes.

The ExtraTorrent reflect destinations we’ve recorded ought to be sheltered right now, however there’s no assurance they will stay safe even later on. On the off chance that you would prefer not to hazard anything, you ought to rather utilize one of the main 7 best extratorrents unblock options recorded underneath.


Very few deluge destinations figure out how to move toward becoming as well known as ExtraTorrent. While the first ExtraTorrent is never again on the web, there are numerous fantastic ExtraTorrent options offering a wealth of excellent substance to record sharing devotees from around the globe. There are likewise informal ExtraTorrent reflect destinations, yet you ought to be careful about those the same number of them have been found dispersing malware, digital money mining contents, and noxious programming.